About Us - The Storytelling Watch Society
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About Us

Our dream is to tell and share stories

from people all around the world


 The Storytelling Watch Society is the first watch company in the world that combines beautiful stories and watches. All of our watches are designed to last much longer than any lifetime so the memories will last. Future generations will not only wear a beautiful timepiece, they will be the carrier of stories of early generations. The Storytelling Watch Society.


What’s your story?

Sander and Wouter van der Kloet, Founders

We are Wouter and Sander van der Kloet. The initiators of this watch brand.  Much too early, we lost our father, Brent Edward van der Kloet. It was a life-changing moment.  He is our role model and from the need to find an appropriate way to remember him, we came up with the idea for these watches. Read our story.

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