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The best father for me

The story of Wouter van der Kloet – Brent Edward


I still miss my father every day. Was just 16 years old when he passed away. When my friends talk about their fathers it hurts everytime.

I remember the last time I saw him really well. He had to undergo a risky operation. But at that age, I didn’t give it a moments thought. Fortunately I went, the night before the operation, to the hospital. We had a chit chat about ordinary things in life and ate candies. When I went away he walked with me to the elevator. I clearly remember his image, when the doors closed. This image from my father with his drip feed. Nervous and tensed for the coming operation. I never realised that this was the last time I saw him alive.


I really have the best memories about my father. He was always there when I needed him. He was the best father for me. Without effort he took me to training and games. No matter how far they were. without interference about my play, he advised me in a positive way. To bring out the best of me, and he did.


I still remember the parties with family and friends. Dancing wildly, turning up the volume of the music. The sound of U2, The Beatles, George Michael and Supertramp. These were the best parties. And my father always in the lead.
I look back at a warm childhood. Carry my beloved father close to me. His name, Brent Edward, is engraved in my watch. This way I keep his remembrance alive. And cherish him for the rest of my live. Eventually I will pass on this watch to one of my children. To keep these memories alive.